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How can Intermarkets Advertising be sold to WPP if the sales was not complete and there are court proceedings?

I was browsing the internet and to my great surprise I found out that WPP purchased Intermarkets Advertising from Joseph GHOUSSOUB and Talal MAKDESSI.
My late father Erwin GUERROVICH has never received the monies due to him for this sale, this is why we are in courts for now over 10 years now.
How can Intermarkets advertising be sold to WPP if neither my late father, neither us were paid?
Was that fact hidden from WPP when Intermarkets Advertising was sold?
Ironically the official reason Joseph GHOUSSOUB and Talal MAKDESSI give in court for not paying their due is that the sale was never completed?
How can Joseph GHOUSSOUB and Talal MAKDESSI sell Intermarkets Advertising to WPP if the initial sale from Erwin GUERROVICH was not completed?
WPP doesn’t have lawyers that check what they are buying beforehand?
I am ready to answer all questions you can PM me or comment here.

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