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Fadi Mouannes: Intermarkets succeed because it cares

Fadi Mouannes: Intermarkets Kuwait was established in 1968, long before the invasion of Kuwait and was among the first agencies to resume activities after the liberaton. Since then, we have been steadily growing and we have been recognised as the first agency in terms of media spending, especially with newspapers who swallow up to 60 percent of the advertising budgets.

We are a full-fledged agency that offers all the services the market requires. Our 35-strong staff are equipped to offer all kinds of services the market needs and at the same time we enjoy the full support of the Intermarkets network. Eighty percent of the accounts we handle are local. On the creative level, we have recently won six awards at the Al-Anba’a Advertising Awards.
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Sabbagha re-elected president of Advertising Agencies Syndicate

Six new members were elected last month to the board of directors of the Syndicate of Advertising Agencies, including Said Sabbagha, who was re-elected as president of the Syndicate. Ten candidates ran for the election, but Andre Rizk, CEO of Rizk Advertising and Associates, withdrew from the race leaving nine candidates who got the following results: Said Sabbagha (48 votes), Erwin Guerrovich (46), Nouhad Beyhum (42), Ramsay Najjar (40), Gaby Hayek (34), Philippe Skaff (30), Wadih Rizk (19) and Jihad Abu Jaoudeh (13).

Originally published in ArabAd, January 1996

Said Sabbagha

Erwin Guerrovich

Ramsay Najjar

Gaby Hayek

E. Kayrouz joins RLP

BEIRUT – Mr. Emile Kayrouz, a senior executive at Intermarkets has left the network for another network, last September, on the media side this time. Emile Kayrouz joined La Régie Libanaise de Publicité, as advertising and marketing director. Kayrouz was general manager of Intermarkets Lebanon, and assistant to the president of the network.
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Edmond Moutran: Chairman & CEO MEMAC

Edmond Moutran

Edmond Ibrahim Moutran was born in Beirut, 1994 and graduated from Choueifat International College, Choueifat, Lebanon. Received his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Higher Studies in Mass : Communication from Southwest Missouri j State University in 1972.
Joined Intermarkets as Gulf Area Manager in January 1973.
Eddy opened Intermarkets’ Bahrain office in February 1973, and remained as Head of Intermarkets Bahrain till 1983, when he became Managing Director of Burson Marstellar (a PR agency) in 1979 maintaining his duties as MD Intermarkets Bahrain as well.
Founded MEMAC (Middle East Marketing and Communications) in January 1984, with one client, four people, j and a capital of US $25K. 1984 Bahrain- 1986 Jeddah – 1987 Dubai – 1990 Kuwait – 1990 London- 1994 Lebanon- 1997 Egypt. [Read more...]

Intermarkets named top advertising agency in Kuwait

Fady Mouannes

Leading American advertising industry journal “Advertising Age” has named Intermarkets as the leading agency in Kuwait for the second consecutive year.

The findings are published in the journal’s recent worldwide Agency Report which identifies Intermarkets’ 1996 growth rate of  20.5%.

Intermarkets Kuwait Managing Director Fady Mouannes commented, “We are extremely proud to lead the field in Kuwait once again, which is a great accolade to a professional team effort and a tribute to all our clients.

“We were the biggest spenders in advertising volume in most of the local print media for 3 consecutive years 94, 95, 96. We continue to grow the operation and look forward to an even more successful 1997.”

Originally published in ArabAd, June 1997

Intermarkets PR movements

Roger Fennings

Roger Fennings, Managing Director of Intermarkets Public Relations has announced a number of staff promotions and new appointments.
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Intermarkets Lebanon management changes

Tylda Ghosn

In line with the forward vision of Lebanon’s future, coupled with the regional scope of operations Intermarkets has announced the following changes. Area vice President, Nadim Sfeir, will become general manager of Intermarkets-Lebanon and will be based at the Beirut head office. He will continue to assume his group corporate responsibilities over the Levant, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Tylda Ghosn remains Area Creative Director. Makram Zeenny, transferring from Damascus, will also be based in Beirut, and will assist Nadim on both Lebanon, Levant and Egypt territories.

Tree Ad gift makes Nahas a happy man

Antoine Aad and lucky old-time friend Mahmoud Nahas

Mahmoud Nahas is a very happy man. Thanks to Christmas card and a lottery ticket he received last month. The ticket won the jackpot of LL 200 million. No chicken feed for a man who has been making coffee at Intermarkets advertising agency for 30 years.
“I’ve been buying these tickets every week for as long as I can remember,” he said. “I still can’t believe that I’m really the winner. It’s such a beautiful surprise to start the new year.”
Upon discovering that he had won, the office celebrated with cake and a party. “We were all so excited for him that we couldn’t get any work done that day,” said a colleague.
“We had a feeling that somebody in the office won first prize. Another employee had all the numbers but one, which netted her LL2million.” Antoine Aad, CEO of Tree Ad, has been sending more than 1,500 lottery tickets a year as gifts to staff in the advertising industry for about 10 years now. But this is the first time that a ticket has paid dividends.
Aad admits that this year he opted for the cheaper tickets New Year’s tickets he usually distributes, due to the current economic situation. But he could not be happier about Nahas’ good fortune.
“My association with Nahas goes back 30 years, to when I worked with him for Intermarkets,” he said. “He is a friend and I’m happy for him.”
Originally published in ArabAd, January 2000

Tylda Ghosn: Getting ahead and staying there

Tylda Ghosn

by Zaza Khalaf

Experts have long declared that artistic people make bad managers. The same has often been said about women. Tylda Ghosn has proven both these proclamations wrong. One of still very exclusive group of female agency heads, she is also undoubtedly the most creative.

That is actually the first thing that strikes you on meeting her. It was no surprise then to learn that her first ambition was to design jewellery. However, with no such school available in Lebanon, she decided to pursue other prospects at ALBA (Lebanese Academy of Arts). As luck would have it, she went the very day of the advertising entrance exam! Needless to say, not only did she pass the exam, but also graduated with flying colours in 1984.
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List of Intermarkets Advertising employees

Here is one of the lists I found for Intermarkets Advertising with all the employees that worked in the Intermarkets offices around the World from 1966-1988.

I know the list is incomplete, but I have others and will publish them later. You will find: Intermarkets advertising Europe, Intermarkets advertising Kuwait, Intermarkets Advertising U.A.E., Intermarkets Advertising Bahrain, Intermarkets Advertising S. Arabia, Intermarkets Advertising Lebanon, Intermarkets Advertising Egypt.

This should be of special interest to the people that forgot who schooled and taught them advertising. In other words, who made them who they became today. I for sure, know that if my father was alive, he would be surprised of how fast some forgot. Stay tuned, more interesting docs coming.