E. Kayrouz joins RLP

BEIRUT – Mr. Emile Kayrouz, a senior executive at Intermarkets has left the network for another network, last September, on the media side this time. Emile Kayrouz joined La Régie Libanaise de Publicité, as advertising and marketing director. Kayrouz was general manager of Intermarkets Lebanon, and assistant to the president of the network.

Kayrouz’s decision to leave Intermarkets was prompted by the desire “to reshape my future”, as he told Arab Ad. “I found it a good opportunity, and I found I had a lot in common with RLP’s president Mr. Najah Abi Assi, on both the professional and ethical levels.” Kayrouz felt he has many things to give on the media side, given his professional background, at a time when advertisers are becoming more cost-efficient oriented and media more competitive. Kayrouz will be deeply involved in development and would enjoy a partnership status in future projects.

RLP has currently a network of four offices in Beirut, Kuwait, London and Paris, and it represents a host of media, among which the Lebanese Assayad, Ashabaka, Sahar and Scoop,and the Kuwaiti Osrati, Al Yaqza, Burda Arabic edition, Al Watan International; it recently pitched for Tele Liban, and acquired the Arabic daily Ad Diyar. But Abi Assi may not be interested in relaunching his activities in Lebanon on a large scale if his bid for Tele Liban did not materialise.

Kayrouz is a 1974 AUB graduate in Economics. He attended post-graduate studies and earned diplomas of Advertising and Marketing Administration, and Institute of Marketing from the Watford College of Technology in London in 1976.

Kayrouz joined Publirizk for five months in 1975, as a marketing manager; he was then an Associate Manager at the Saudi Research monthly – Jeddah in 1976, then he joined Intermarkets as a Regional Account Director based in Bahrain in 1977. In 1980, he was appointed General Manager of Intermarkets Cairo office, then GM of the Beirut office in 1982. In 1988, he was promoted to the post of Assistant to the President of Intermarkets.
Kayrouz will be based in Beirut, but his job requires much travelling.

Originally published in ArabAd, 1988

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