Intermarkets honours Mahmoud

He always knocks on doors even if they are open.

He always smiles even if he’s aching.

Never had a door been closed at him.

Never had we felt that he’s aching.

Well… This is Mahmoud… The coffee maker at Intermarkets/Beirut.

Now he’s 64 and leaving us clear of conscious.

To tell you that we’re happy… would be lying. But we’re happy for him. We remember when he won the National Lottery; it was a fiesta for all of us.

A person like Mahmoud is seldom found. Kind-hearted, simĀ¬ple, does his job to perfection (Yes, yes,… This job requires the know-how).

We’re going to miss that man… and because we don’t want him to forget us, we all met on the 28th of March, 2000 to present him with a token he will cherish.

Originally published in ArabAd, April 2000

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