Intermarkets Jerusalem obtains Coca Cola budget

COCA COLA International has appointed Intermarkets Jerusalem as its advertising agency in Jordan, a new market for the American soft drink. “The agreement came as a result of negotiations between the two parties concerned,” said Bassem Dajani, general manager of Intermarkets Jerusalem.

Representatives of the international soft drink company contacted a number of Jordanian advertising agencies including Intermarkets Jerusalem. Dajani’s ad agency was chosen after a tough selection process in which the competing agencies had to present Coca Cola with a pre-conceived ad campaign lasting for 12 years.

“Coca Cola should reach 99% of Jordanians in all ways: radio stations, TV, press, billboards, and others,” said Dajani. Initially only Coke sold in cans will be available in Jordan, though there are plans to introduce the Cola bottle later on, affirmed Dajani. Furthermore, the introduction of Coke in Jordan will be followed by other Coca Cola International brands, names such as Sprite, Fanta as well as Diet Coca Cola.

Originally published in ArabAd, December 1993

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